Nelson Hahn


Nelson holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra—PUCMM (Mater et Magistra Pontifical Catholic University). 

He has taken specialized studies in the following areas: Financial Information Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Standards on Auditing (ISA), corporate finance, taxes, transfer pricing, international trade, development and evaluation of projects, valuation of companies, human resources, stock market, customer service, among others.

The Interamerican Accounting Association (AIC, from its initials in Spanish) certified Nelson as an Interamerican Accountant in the IFRS for SMEs (CICNP, from its initials in Spanish).

He has taught in the most prestigious universities and specialized instruction centers in the Dominican Republic.  Furthermore, he has been a presenter in diverse national and international forums on topics regarding his various specialties.

Nelson has had several occupations, including being a member of the Administration and Finance Commission of the Interamerican Accounting Association (AIC, from its initials in Spanish), as well as of the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution of the Chamber of Commerce and Production.  In addition, he has served as expert on multiple occasions for the Dominican justice system.

It is worth noting that he was president of the Institute of Public Accountants of the Dominican Republic (Instituto de Contadores de la República Dominicana—ICPARD) during the time when the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) were put into effect in the Dominican Republic.

Nelson is a member of the Group of Latin American Accounting Standard Setters (GLASS), representing the Dominican Republic.

In 2011 the Interamerican Accounting Association (AIC, from its initials in Spanish) awarded Nelson with the “Honor Diploma for Professional Merit”.

He has over 30 years of experience as business advisor for diverse types of companies.